Custom clearance of import and export cargos through practically any national customs administration. Assistance in international trade matters.


Additionally we offer the following services:13


  • Management of documentation and certificates at origin
  • Legalization of documents
  • Procedures and requirements for each piece of merchandise to enter the country
  • Certificates and/or requirements at places of origin, appropriate for our custom rules
  • Required management of documentation before proper organizations such as: INAN, MAG, MIC, MSP Y BS, MUNICIPALITIES, SENAD, SSET.
  • Preferential regional/international agreements (MERCOSUR / ALADI)
  • Classification of custom rates and tariffs
  • Customs ratings
  • Methods and alternatives of payments, such as IVA (VAT), fees, internal taxes and other charges implied in the operation
  • Import/export customs clearance
  • Customs verification
  • Delivery of custom cleared cargo to the final customer
  • Other services not mentioned


Contact:, 595-981-404701 / 595-21-611480