Transportation services with full and consolidated containers (partial shipments or small volumes) from and to practically every port of the world in modern container-vessels.

We also offer Ro-Ro (roll on/roll off) freight services, which means that we transport self and non-self propelled vehicles, such as cars, trucks, heavy machinery, etc.

Container shipments:2

Additionally we offer the following services:

  • Packing/ loading and securing of goods
  • Positioning of containers at origin and destination (including trucking/ inland freight)
  • Intermodal and multimodal transportation
  • Issuing and delivery of documentation, consular authentication, legalization, etc.
  • Unpacking/ unloading of cargo with own qualified personnel
  • Insurance
  • Purchase of used container
  • Purchasing logistics and distribution
  • Warehouse storage
  • Booking of cargos and coordination between the main parties: forwarding agent and custom broker
  • Collaboration with agents from almost all over the world, which improves the handling of your cargo
  • Application of ATOLPAR rate at local costs
  • Consolidation and professional loading of vehicles with our foreign agents
  • Other services not mentioned


5Self and non-self propelled vehicles (Roll-on/Roll-off)

We are your company of trust when it comes to international transportation of used vehicles (Ro-Ro).
Additionally we offer the following services:

  • Pre-carriage services at origin
  • Warehouse storage in transit
  • Professional combining and loading of vehicles (stacking)
  • Issue of export documentation
  • Other services not mentioned